How to install WordPress on the server

You can easily install WordPress on the server, you need to download WordPress from WordPress you want to install WordPress by yourself follow the below Steps.

  1. Download WordPress and extract in your computer
  2. Extract it on your drive, if you are using FileZilla then upload through FileZilla otherwise skip this step.
  3. Upload zipped file on your server and extract it on your domain folder
  4. Create database & Username and give all privilege to the user
  5. Now ping Domain Url on the browser and fill all the details over there, Like database name, database username, and password
  6. Now set username and password for WordPress login
  7. After domain Url: now fill admin and password and login dashboard
  8. Now to Go To dashboard and choose Theme and install it.
  9. Now you can change as you wish as per your requirement.

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